Friday, September 16, 2011



Rachel was struggling to get away from his grasp that would end up leaving a huge bruise on her arm.  That was all she needed, a bruise.  Suddenly, Rachel was jerked back to reality when Paul was pulled from her and thrown toward the parking lot.  Shocked, she just melted to the ground scared of what was going too happened next.  When Rachel looked up, Mr. Ice Eyes was looking down at her with a frown on his face and brows tightly drawn together. 
“Little one are you ok?” Mr. Ice Eyes gently reached down and helped her up off the ground. 

Rachel just wanted to crawl up this man’s body and snuggle in his arms.  Instead she jumped up and ran inside. She got just about to the door when she ran into Allison and Toni.
“What’s wrong?  Are you ok?” Toni turned Rachel around to make her look at her.

“I’m fine. Just a little shook up. I ran into Paul and he decided that I still belonged to him, but then Mr. Ice Eyes showed up and I ran.  I need to go to the ladies room” Rachel said as she walked away with Toni following behind her.
“I don’t know who you are, but Rachel belongs to me.  She is mine, always has been always will be.  We are just having an argument right now and its none of your business.”  Paul stated as he foolishly poked Chase in the chest.  Chase just laughed at the guy, wondering if he really thought treating a beautiful woman that way was the way to keep her.  Nope, absolutely not, women like her deserved to be cherished, loved. Chase could only image those ruby red lips wrapped around his cock, those big brown eyes looking up at me. Damn, he thought, I don’t even know her name.  As Chase turned around his brother and friends came walking out of the club. 

Jerked back to reality, Chase hears in the distance a spunky little voice rambling to his buddies, “Oh my gosh, you would not believe that your friend here just saved Rachel.  It was like amazing! Paul is such a dick and here comes your friend and saves the day just like a white knight or black night considering he is wearing all that leather.  Tell me, how can you all move in all that leather? I really don’t understand. Is it completely restricting, not to mention in this heat. Are you all not hot or something?”
Crap did she just say all of that without taking a breath?  “Thank you, I think. Is your friend ok? What is her name?”  Chuckling to himself, Chase was amazed at the ability to talk the way this woman did. 

“Her name is Rachel Montgomery, by the way. And I am Allison, but my friends call me Alli. Wow, I can’t believe Paul is such a dick.  Well nice meeting all you gentlemen and thanks again.”

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