Sneak Peaks


“What do you mean you're pregnant? What the crap? That’s so freaking cool! I love it! Do Toni and the guys know yet?” Allison was so excited to hear her best friend was pregnant. Chase and Rachel weren’t just her best friends; they were also the closest thing she had to a family. And their story was that of star crossed lovers if Allison had ever heard one. Rachel’s ex-boyfriend tried to kill her and Chase was there to help her through it all.

Allison was glad she was going to get to see everyone. The gang had decided to head to New Orleans for a couple of days of shopping and lounging around. Allison couldn't wait to get away. With her parents out of the country for the next six weeks, the vacation home would be open for use.

She walked around the house she grew up in wondering why it didn’t feel like home. But then her parent’s marriage was the merging of two business families. Cruze Lines and Dodson Hotels were under the ownership of Erickson Cruze III, her father. She couldn’t say for sure if her parents actually loved each other or if it was simply a true business arrangement. The thought bothered her. She didn’t know how two people could get married and have a child but not love each other.

As she walked through the house, she heard the housekeeper coming through the back entrance from the garden. Honestly, she'd been more like a mother when Allison was growing up than Evelyn Dodson-Cruze. “Izzy, those flowers are beautiful. Can I have a few to take home with me?”

Smiling like a mother would, “Yes darling, I've cut you some special, just for your condo.” Izzy handed her a huge bouquet of freshly cut flowers.

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