Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dad's Plan Anthology Chapter One

Chapter One

“Oh my gosh you’ve got to be kidding me, Courtney!” Becky was lying on her stomach talking to her best friend as Bret walked into the room. “Courtney, hang on. Dad just got home from work. I’ll call you back, okay?” Hanging up the phone, Becky rolled over and jumped up to hug her Dad. “Hey Daddy, how was work?” Bret looked at his little girl as if he wondered when she grew up.

“Hey Angel, work was good but I’m on call tonight. I have a new deputy starting and between Wayne and me, we want to make ourselves available if necessary.” Bret walked out of her room with Becky following him.

“Dad, Courtney wants me to go with her and her mom to her Aunt’s house this weekend. Can I go since you’re on call?” Becky knew her Dad was overprotective but he really liked Courtney and her parents.

“I need more details. Have Abby call me then I'll give you an answer. Are you hungry, angel?” Bret took his gun out of his holster and put it in the gun safe. Becky jumped on his bed and sat down, crossing her legs.

“Nope, I'm good. Samantha and I had burgers when I got home. She said if you have to change shifts next week to let her know so she can make arrangements to stay here.” Bret looked over at his daughter. Thankfully his sister, Samantha, lived two blocks away and was glad to help out since Becky's mom left. Being the Baker County Sheriff made for some weird working hours.

“As it stands my shifts aren't changing. Did that new teacher get moved in yet? I noticed a new car in Sam’s driveway but I wasn’t sure.” Bret headed toward the kitchen with Becky in tow.

“Aunt Sam said she's moving in this week. Dad, please let me go with Courtney. We might actually stay a week. I'll be ok plus it’s only an hour away if I need you.” Becky had that pretty please look on her face that she knew her father couldn’t resist. “Go call Abby and bring me the phone so I can talk to her.” Bret squinted as Becky squealed and ran toward her room to get her phone.

Bret proceeded to fix a sandwich and Becky watched as his shoulders slumped in exhaustion. Shaken out of his daze, Becky handed him the phone.


“Hey Abby,” looking at his daughter, Becky looked like a kid in a candy store “Yeah, she said something about going with you and Courtney. What exactly are the plans?” Bret turned his back on his daughter as she jumped up and ran in front of him, looking at him eagerly. “She can go but she needs to be home on Wednesday since they leave for camp on Saturday morning. Is Courtney still going?” Bret honestly couldn’t hear what Abby said because Becky was jumping and down in his face.

Hanging up the phone and setting it on the counter, Bret looked at Becky. “Here’s the deal. You can go but you have to be back on Wednesday.” Bret looked down at his little girl. “Absolutely no going to the mall without Abby or her sister, and only then if you have your mace and you stay with an adult. No going out after dark and no boys allowed in the house without an adult present. Period”

“Dad, I’m 15 years old. I’ve taken seven years of self defense, can out-shoot most police officers, including you sometimes, plus I know you’re concerned about me growing up. I love you Daddy. Now I’m going pack some clothes and call Courtney back.” Leaning up, she kissed her Dad on the cheek and took off toward her room.

Bret finished fixing his sandwich, grabbed a drink from the fridge and headed toward the living room to call his sister.

“Hey sis thanks for hanging here with Becky. I wanted to let you know Becky's going with Courtney to her Aunt’s house for the next couple of days so I'm gonna be here alone. Did your new roomy get moved in?” Sam chattered like she normally did and it still amazed him his little sister was the same chatter box at thirty five she'd been at sixteen. “I’ll call if I need to go out on a call.” Hanging up his phone, he relaxed in his easy chair and grabbed the remote as Becky came running into the room chattering about clothes, plopping down on his lap.

“Daddy, I love you” hugging his neck, she sat down and watched television sitting on Bret’s lap like she did when she was five years old , smiling as she flipped through the channels.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Excerpt from Chase's Love

Rachel walked up behind Chase and wrapped her arms around his waist as he opened the pizza boxes. "Hey Little One, what did those two knuckle heads do now? I promise they were taught manners. They just fail to use them."

They all gathered around the pizza as Allison came into the room, flanked on each side by Drake and Mike.

"Come on ladies, let’s chow down. The movers will be here tomorrow to pack anything you don’t take tonight and they'll move everything as well. Whatever you want to take now, that's fine. I have our truck and those two have Mike’s truck as well."

"There are a few boxes in the bedroom I would like to take with me."

Chase just smiled and kissed her cheek before he dug into the pizza and beer.

A few minutes later, Chase met Rachel in her room as she was finishing up a box. "Are these the only boxes you want to take? Are there any toys in here as a surprise for later?" Chase asked as he kissed her neck.

It was making her come undone. "Well, maybe I have some toys in there. If we can ever get them to your house, that is."

"No honey. Our house, our truck, our life."

"Okay then, yes. I have a couple of toys."

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

It's a day to remember all the past and present Fathers. We all have had a father (even if that father and your mother was one in the same - making that person extra special) in our life and they managed to make our lives wonderful somehow so let's all join together and celebrate that Father today. So here's to you Dad! Love and Kisses

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Allison woke up the next morning alone in her bed but feeling happier than she had in years. Knowing everyone was leaving today to head back home, she also felt a little depressed. But this would be good because she'd have some time to figure out all of the angles of this relationship with Mike and Drake.

"Hey Alli, it's Toni and Rachel. Can we come in?"

"Sure. I was just heading to the shower but we can talk. What’s up?" Allison climbed into the oversized shower.

Rachel and Toni giggled then Toni burst out laughing. "Really, woman? You're asking
us what’s up when you slept with Mike and Drake? Hell, I thought this trip was all about Rachel and Chase announcing the baby. This is much better gossip! Spill! We want all the details, in clear definition."

All Allison could do was laugh since she knew her best friends were on a roll and weren’t going to let up until they heard it all. "Ok, where do I start? Mike and Drake want a ménage relationship with me, but nothing casual. A real life, committed relationship with marriage and kids. The whole shebang."

Toni and Rachel looked at each other and cracked up laughing again.

"Really? That's quite a shock." Rachel did her best to sound shocked but the wet sponge that flew at her and the look Allison gave her told her she hadn’t done such a good job.

"So are you going to give them a chance?" Toni questioned.

Sighing as the hot shower started to relax her muscles, Allison knew the answer was yes, she just hadn’t admitted it to anyone else. "It’s something that will cause a rift between me and my parents because they've all but printed the wedding invitations for Thad and I. But I care deeply for both of them. I’m just not sure how it’s going to work. Will there be jealousy between them if I have sex with one and not the other? What if I make one mad at me? Will the other take up for me or will it always be two against one? These are major concerns. Oh, and let’s say I get pregnant. Do we get DNA tested to see who the daddy is? What name goes on the

birth certificate? Fuck! This is hard! My head is spinning in circles. Part of me wants to say yes, yes, Yes! And another part of me says WTF? Hell no!"

As Allison stepped out of the shower, Rachel handed her a big, fluffy towel. "Look Alli, we've been through it all together. The bottom line and major question is--what do you want from a relationship? Do you think you can love them equally or do you feel like you have to choose?"

Allison looked a little dazed by Rachel’s question. "I’m not sure how to answer that. But I do know I’m hungry. Let’s go eat."

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Play Catch-up

WOW it seems like forever since I posted anything so let's do some catching up shall we...

Chase's Love - available for sell and it's a wonderful love story testing Rachel's limits

Allison's Dilemma - Well I don't know about anyone else but with two hunks wanting me exactly what would the dilemma be??  Check it out!

Toni's Heartbeat - It is currently sitting on the editing desk getting some work done on it, we have the first edits back so we are combing through it now

Dylann's Long Road Home - Well Mollie has that on her laptop working on those first edits to get back to E with so that is another one coming up soon

Teaching Summer - That is in the final writing stages, I had it finished but reread it and hit the delete key a lot so I am reworking the ending to that one but let me tell you Summer is heating up my laptop like nothing before...

Have a few others floating around waiting on me to work on them more but with the weather being so beautiful it is hard to work indoors especially when I could be fishing and floating at a lake.  My husband and I love the outdoors so when the weather is cooperating we are on the go come Friday night till Sunday afternoon.  During the week my full time job keeps me busy as well so between Mollie and I we are slowly getting these worked out. 

I hope everyone is patient with us because we want you to love our books, characters and stories as much as we do so we want to make them as perfect as we can (if there is a perfect) or at least as fun to read as we can.

We have lots of blog hops coming up at least one each month so stay tuned!!