Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Excerpt from Chase's Love

Rachel walked up behind Chase and wrapped her arms around his waist as he opened the pizza boxes. "Hey Little One, what did those two knuckle heads do now? I promise they were taught manners. They just fail to use them."

They all gathered around the pizza as Allison came into the room, flanked on each side by Drake and Mike.

"Come on ladies, let’s chow down. The movers will be here tomorrow to pack anything you don’t take tonight and they'll move everything as well. Whatever you want to take now, that's fine. I have our truck and those two have Mike’s truck as well."

"There are a few boxes in the bedroom I would like to take with me."

Chase just smiled and kissed her cheek before he dug into the pizza and beer.

A few minutes later, Chase met Rachel in her room as she was finishing up a box. "Are these the only boxes you want to take? Are there any toys in here as a surprise for later?" Chase asked as he kissed her neck.

It was making her come undone. "Well, maybe I have some toys in there. If we can ever get them to your house, that is."

"No honey. Our house, our truck, our life."

"Okay then, yes. I have a couple of toys."

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