Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Play Catch-up

WOW it seems like forever since I posted anything so let's do some catching up shall we...

Chase's Love - available for sell and it's a wonderful love story testing Rachel's limits

Allison's Dilemma - Well I don't know about anyone else but with two hunks wanting me exactly what would the dilemma be??  Check it out!

Toni's Heartbeat - It is currently sitting on the editing desk getting some work done on it, we have the first edits back so we are combing through it now

Dylann's Long Road Home - Well Mollie has that on her laptop working on those first edits to get back to E with so that is another one coming up soon

Teaching Summer - That is in the final writing stages, I had it finished but reread it and hit the delete key a lot so I am reworking the ending to that one but let me tell you Summer is heating up my laptop like nothing before...

Have a few others floating around waiting on me to work on them more but with the weather being so beautiful it is hard to work indoors especially when I could be fishing and floating at a lake.  My husband and I love the outdoors so when the weather is cooperating we are on the go come Friday night till Sunday afternoon.  During the week my full time job keeps me busy as well so between Mollie and I we are slowly getting these worked out. 

I hope everyone is patient with us because we want you to love our books, characters and stories as much as we do so we want to make them as perfect as we can (if there is a perfect) or at least as fun to read as we can.

We have lots of blog hops coming up at least one each month so stay tuned!!

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