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Chase's Love

Rachel wasn't looking for love. As a matter of fact, she'd written off men altogether as the last thing she wanted in her life was another controlling jerk.  At least that was the plan until the guy of her dreams walked into her life. 

Chase Jamison had just got out of the military and was working toward expanding the business he started with his brother and best friends.  He had a goal and he was focused.  Never in a million years did Chase expect to find the sexiest woman on earth at his club. 

As Chase and Rachel come together and try to find happiness, one question remains. Will Rachel's ex-lover step in and keep the pair from finding true love?

Guest Author Suzzana C. Ryan

HI Wendy,

Thanks for this great opportunity to answer some questions that some of your friends and ask and want to know.

My favorite book that I have written has to be “Misty Evening”. It is unpublished and will take a while to edit before submission. It is a wonderful, erotic love story between a handsome Vampire named Brian and a beautiful witch called Misty. It has it all, witches, warlocks, werewolves, Vampire and time travel. There is even an amazing surprise that happens for these two lovers.

My current short story “A Vampire for her birthday” will be released by Rebel Ink Press in January 2012. Again, I love the paranormal and erotic loves scenes; I come alive when writing this kind of love story. This short story centers on Tawny, a lovely Fairy with an obvious flaw, and Elliot a gorgeous Vampire. 

Most people ask how I come up with the characters. I see them, yes in my head. I daydream all the time and conjure up one gorgeous male after another. Then the heroine appears. She is always strong, sensual, and not sexually challenged and all women. I want my readers to perhaps see themselves here and there when reading one of my very graphic and exciting love scenes. I want my males to make women swoon, I want them to be protective, possessive and in the end so in love with the heroine, we may even weep.

I love erotic romance, and I like calling a “cock a “cock”. Do we think in flowery descriptions? I don’t and most people don’t. Some of my favorite writers do not beat around the bush, no pun, intended when it comes to love scenes. That goes for violence also, Vampires don’t give you bug bites, sometimes they rip your head off. 

I have been asked by close friends, if I ever pull from my own experiences when it comes to sex. You never know and all will say is my stories and novels are not biographical. My husband will laugh and shakes his head when he is reviewing a page for me, then will raise an eyebrow and ask when we ever did that. Good thing I love him.

I have loved to read since I learned, see Jane run, see Dick run. I remember reading Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, and thinking wow. I have read all the Masters, Verne, Dickens, Buck, Bronte and Poe. Gone with the Wind got me started, I read it three times. Then came Forever Amber, that really hit me, but Rosemary’s Baby began my obsession with the paranormal. Last but not least, Dracula, by Bram Stoker and Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and then Rosemary Rogers. All of these wonderful story tellers have had such an influence on me and now my dream has been realized.

 I love the color red, adore cats, and will read almost anything. To name one author is almost impossible, but Beatrice Small is the one that comes to mind.

You can find me on my blogs:, Face book, (a work in progress).

Suzzana C Ryan

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YEP, that's right Jan 3rd is the offical release date for Chase's Love!

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Merry Christmas to All!

I waited until tonight to post my holiday wishes and kisses to all. I have had a great weekend with my family and really remember what it means to be with them. The devastation they all survived in Joplin, the personal challenges that have come to us all and mostly the forgiveness and love that we share. My mom says best "They can fight among themselves but don't let a stranger interfer" well as yet another Christmas comes to close I want everyone to take an opportunity to look around and remember the reason for the season and the love that you share with another.
Merry Christmas all!!

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BUBBLY by Anne Holly

Bubbly: An erotic contemporary romance for New Years

By Anne Holly

Beth’s had the best of everything and the worst of everything. From the outside, a poor little rich girl, hounded by the press, but, on the inside, bruised by dark memories. When she seeks escape from her suffocating world on New Years Eve, she accidentally gets a taste for how the other half lives. Rough bartender Tig Riley offers her a whole new outlook on life in his arms and maybe even a brand new future, if only she can trust him. Can he really help her heal herself?

PG-13 Excerpt…

Beth said nothing, and scanned the crowd. It wouldn’t do for any of the entourage clingers to snap a picture of her standing too long at the open bar with their phone. Pictures of celebrities falling off their various wagons always went for prime prices these days.

“No one’s watching,” he tempted her. “I think you could sneak off.”

“What?” Her eyes widened, and she realized how wonderful that sounded. “It’s my party.”

“It’s your party and you can hide if you want to?” he joked.

She didn’t respond right away. She watched the tiny columns of golden bubbles fight their way to the surface of her soft drink. He made it sound so easy. Was it that easy for people who weren’t raised to be elite in some old-fashioned, capitalist sense?

“I won’t tell,” he said with a smile and snagged his little white apron off. “Join me for a break outside?”

Her eyes were drawn to where the apron had been. His waist was tapered so nicely, emphasized by the crisp, blindingly white tuxedo shirt tucked into the sleek black cut of his trousers. When he reached down under the bar to deposit the cloth, she got a hint of muscled thighs and the coiled strength of his buttocks.

Despite the headache and her usual reserve, somewhere inside she heard a voice squeal something that could only be interpreted as, “Yum! I want some!”

She pulled her eyes away from him and peeked at the crowd again. Suze was more than capable of handling the staff for a while, and some outside air would do her headache good. Or was she just making up reasons to follow him someplace private?

“Sure,” she said, finally. “Thanks.”

“I’m Tig, by the way,” he said as they passed out the back way, through the kitchen. “Tig Riley.”

“Tig?” she asked. She watched him pull on a gray fleece jacket and toss his nylon coat to her, which she gratefully pulled on over her party dress. It smelled of tobacco smoke, winter air and the most appealing after shave she’d ever encountered.

“My mother was Norwegian,” he said. “I think it was supposed to be Trig, but my dad had a bit of a celebration after I was born and got it wrong on the paperwork.”

“Really?” she laughed.

“Yeah,” he confirmed with a grimace. “Why would any grown man lie about having the name Tig?”
For more info, please visit
Anne Holly is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and teacher. She has found a particular niche in holiday romance. You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReadsFacebook and Twitter  (@anneholly2010). Sign up for her newsletter here. Email her at

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AND THE WINNER IS!!! $25 Amazon Gift Card

She commented on Christmas Traditions !!  Thank you to all that commented and please stay tuned as my books come out I will be doing additional give aways and lots of freebies pelase make sure you keep an eye on my website, blog, FB page and Twitter!

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OMG Edits are kicking my ass, I never realized that I don't really use contractions when I speak or write crap this completely sucks!

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Chase's Love

Working the final edits for Chase's Love, this is a rough one but I have full faith in Mollie

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Are You Dreaming of a Hot Christmas? 
Good for the Goose, an erotic romance for Christmas by Anne Holly from Rebel Ink!
Successful scholar Dr. Natasha Mintz believes her divorce signaled the end of her romantic life. But when she gets snowed in one Christmas with a young Spanish grad student, she may want to rethink things. For Natasha, winter has never been so hot!

From the outside, Natasha appeared to be stable, independent, intelligent, formidable even. She was a respected, tenured historian at a large university. Her class was well attended and generally highly rated on campus and her students seemed to like her firm but fair presence. To an observer, Natasha Mintz was a woman who did everything right.
But inside, she was a sad, lonely woman. 
“Care for a coffee?” a soft, thickly accented, rich voice drifted over her shoulder, followed by a paper cup of steaming brew held in a masculine, yet graceful hand. 
Natasha turned to see her assistant looking disgustingly youthful and fresh despite the ungodly early hour.
“Ah, Raphael,” she whispered. “You’re a godsend!” Gratefully popping off the plastic lid, she took a long, deep draft and prayed it would revive her enough to see her through the next several hours. Now how did he know exactly how she liked her coffee? With two shots of cream and one sugar? 
Raphael Salazar was a godsend. He was one of the finest grad students who'd ever worked for her. He was bright, eager and stoic, and hadn’t once whined under the heavy work load she placed on him. In fact, he always seemed able to anticipate the needs of the class. Even when Patricia, her other assistant, was called away to her grandmother’s funeral unexpectedly, Raphael immediately stepped up. There was no doubt he'd do what was needed. Raphael had an aura of competency about him, which was so rare in young graduate students.
Natasha was almost certain he came from a wealthy family as he bore all the marks of breeding and advantage but he clearly wasn’t adverse to hard work, a trait common among the wealthy American-born students she knew. Hailing from Spain, Raphael may have been brought up rich, but he certainly wasn't spoiled. 
She took a surreptitious look at him from the safety of her podium, from beneath the lowered fan of her eyelashes. It was little wonder why office rumor had it that every single female, and more than one male, grad student in the history department lived and breathed for Raphael. At five-eleven, his lithe form was exceptional and his face was that of a fallen angel. Black brows like dark wings spread above intense, long-lashes and eyes of an oddly sea-like hue, and topped a long, aristocratic nose which sat above a distractingly sensual Cupid’s bow mouth. An artistic scruff of facial hair gave him a cosmopolitan air. When he spoke, his face was charming and mobile, and that lovely mouth moved to reveal a perfect row of impeccably white teeth. His ready smile brought out such a warm glow and engaging dimples that it was difficult not to swoon. Even his smell, a rich, masculine mixture of coffee and spice, caused rational thought to fly out of one’s head whenever Raphael was near. Yes, Natasha nearly chuckled at the thought. He was likely causing a great deal of fluttering in the student offices. And more than his fair share in the professors’ rooms as well, she reminded herself with a grimace of discomfort. 
Perhaps Raphael considered her in ways she should probably discourage. She noticed something in his attentions that differed from that of her other students. Once she spotted him appreciating the slide of her legs against one another as she changed position in her chair during a meeting and the intimate gleam in his dark eyes gave her a sensation of prickly heat. Seeing the look he was giving her, Natasha stopped talking in mid-sentence. He hadn’t looked away in guilt like your average grad student. Instead, he’d slowly pried his gaze from her legs and traveled up to her face, with a calm yet wolfish look on his handsome face. She had tried to dismiss it as continental masculinity, but somehow that didn’t quite cover it.
In any case, this scene was totally inappropriate. Inappropriate, but so extremely arousing. 
It was a good thing she was a mature, steady person who'd never consider hitting on a student, unlike her rat of an ex. 
A very good thing. 
For more info, please see Anne’s Holiday Tales website. 
Anne Holly is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and teacher. She is the author of the novel Strings Attached, which was described by The Romance Reviews as “a classic contemporary romance.” She has been published by Wild Horse Press, Decadent Publishing and Rebel Ink Press, and in 2012 by Pink Petal Books. Anne’s work is characterized by its unusual heroes, sweet/spicy balance, witty dialogue, responsible citizenship, and its positive, optimistic nature. She has found a particular niche in holiday romance.
You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReadsFacebook and Twitter  (@anneholly2010).
Sign up for her newsletter here.

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Check out some of my fellow Rebels

These are just a couple of super talented Rebel authors, for a full list of authors and some killer books go to

Holiday Season - The Season to Give

I know that everyone has to keep their families in mind so when you sitting down in your warm house after Christmas please keep those that are less fortunate in mind. 

Give to your local shelter throughout the year so that they can reach those families in need.  Thousands of families and individuals have to make the choice between heating their homes or feeding themselves and kids so lets see if we can make that a little easier on them.  Donate a can of food, pair of gloves or anything you can to help those in need.

Remember those less fortuate and give thanks!


Check us out on TRS Parties gets lots of free stuff

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Organization is the Key

Going to work on organizing my schedules so that I can make the most of my promotional opportunities,  I have come to follow some amazing authors blogs and sites so I am learning slowly but surely.  I hope everyone hangs in there with me during this learning curve that seems more like a learning mountain.

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Dylann's Long Road Home

Opening the door to her house to find the Chaplin and her husband’s Commanding Officer standing there was the most horrifying day Dylann could imagine but later to learn that in her dead husbands will she has to live on a working cattle ranch until her son graduates high school, well that ranks up there as well.

Starting over with a toddler in a new state and home Dylann finds herself drawn to a man that not only intrigues her but makes her entire world spin out of control.  Can Dylann fall in love again with Jesse Nelson or does this mechanic have his work cut out for him?

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First Edits - Bloody Battlefield E Won

Well received my first edits on Chase's Love it was a brutal battle but E won with lots of blood spilled all over my book!  LOL it could have been worse trust least she is honest!