Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Author Suzzana C. Ryan

HI Wendy,

Thanks for this great opportunity to answer some questions that some of your friends and ask and want to know.

My favorite book that I have written has to be “Misty Evening”. It is unpublished and will take a while to edit before submission. It is a wonderful, erotic love story between a handsome Vampire named Brian and a beautiful witch called Misty. It has it all, witches, warlocks, werewolves, Vampire and time travel. There is even an amazing surprise that happens for these two lovers.

My current short story “A Vampire for her birthday” will be released by Rebel Ink Press in January 2012. Again, I love the paranormal and erotic loves scenes; I come alive when writing this kind of love story. This short story centers on Tawny, a lovely Fairy with an obvious flaw, and Elliot a gorgeous Vampire. 

Most people ask how I come up with the characters. I see them, yes in my head. I daydream all the time and conjure up one gorgeous male after another. Then the heroine appears. She is always strong, sensual, and not sexually challenged and all women. I want my readers to perhaps see themselves here and there when reading one of my very graphic and exciting love scenes. I want my males to make women swoon, I want them to be protective, possessive and in the end so in love with the heroine, we may even weep.

I love erotic romance, and I like calling a “cock a “cock”. Do we think in flowery descriptions? I don’t and most people don’t. Some of my favorite writers do not beat around the bush, no pun, intended when it comes to love scenes. That goes for violence also, Vampires don’t give you bug bites, sometimes they rip your head off. 

I have been asked by close friends, if I ever pull from my own experiences when it comes to sex. You never know and all will say is my stories and novels are not biographical. My husband will laugh and shakes his head when he is reviewing a page for me, then will raise an eyebrow and ask when we ever did that. Good thing I love him.

I have loved to read since I learned, see Jane run, see Dick run. I remember reading Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, and thinking wow. I have read all the Masters, Verne, Dickens, Buck, Bronte and Poe. Gone with the Wind got me started, I read it three times. Then came Forever Amber, that really hit me, but Rosemary’s Baby began my obsession with the paranormal. Last but not least, Dracula, by Bram Stoker and Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and then Rosemary Rogers. All of these wonderful story tellers have had such an influence on me and now my dream has been realized.

 I love the color red, adore cats, and will read almost anything. To name one author is almost impossible, but Beatrice Small is the one that comes to mind.

You can find me on my blogs:, Face book, (a work in progress).

Suzzana C Ryan

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