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What can we say for our bios except we are quite a pair.

Our adventure started when we became friends while working at a mental health counseling centers, no we were not the patients but the employees. As we looked upon our situation we knew almost instantly that a friendship was in bloom, well actually more than a friendship but a kinship where we can openly laugh, joke and stand side by side no matter what the world throws at us. We both are extremely proud parents of our boys and have amazing people in our lives to support us as we go out on the adventures of life.  Mollie has an amazing, smart and energetic little boy and two wonderful precious puppies that fulfill the majority of her life and like her I have a two amazing young men but I have five puppies and a husband to consume my time.  In addition to editing and co-authoring books Mollie is a lia Sophia jewelry consultant and me, well I just write books. Somehow in our spare time, if any, we have managed to create some smoking hot amazing books that were not only a blast to create but gave us our own little pieces of nirvana.  This is quite the adventure for us and hope that you will enjoy our books just as much as we have writing them.