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First Love with Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

First Love/Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
               If first love had a taste it would be something like champagne, light, sweet, bubbly, fun and short-lived.  When I’m asked about my first love, I never know quite how to answer.  Do I count Joe, the boy I dreamed of marrying back when I was eight and he was an older man of nine? Or would it be the guy I shared my first kiss with in the middle of math class? After all, when he worked with my husband for awhile a few years ago, he confided he still loved me and always had.  And I have to admit he’ll always have a little piece of my heart.  But what we shared was still puppy love so do I move forward and count my first real boyfriend, the one with the smoking hot blue Pontiac GTO.  He was the one who graduated the year before me and my senior year I sneaked out of school most days so he could pick me up before he had to go to work second shift because it was just about the only time we could share. (Yes, Mom, it’s true – I confess.  It’s why Mr. Hively almost flunked me as his student assistant because he found out cut school every afternoon) Reality and different paths in life eventually ended our relationship but I remember him with affection.
                Even I can’t pick which would be my true first love experience.  I’m a romantic at heart (no wonder I write romance novels) and I still have a little sense of connection with all the men I’ve loved.
                Maybe that’s why when I’ve written about first love the story involves second chances.  In my first Rebel Ink Press title, Love Never Fails, Caroline rushes home when the one time love of her life says he needs her without even asking why.  Catherine still loves Connor and when he turns up as a patient in the hospital where she works as a nurse, the old feelings fan into flame in my recent release, A Patient Heart.  Some of my upcoming titles from Rebel Ink Press also deal with either a first love or another shot at happiness with an old love.
                And then there’s my husband who I first met at the age of thirteen but never dated until I was thirty.  Why? For one thing, he never asked me out and for another I was happily involved with other men.  I made some mistakes, corrected a few of them, loved, lost, and lived.  So although I met him very young and on the day I met him thought “now that’s the kind of guy I should marry”, I didn’t, not first but I guess you could say I saved him for last.

                First love is sweet but I think vintage wine (and love) has a far more robust flavor.

Rebel Writer: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy:

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First Love with Kiki Howell

First love, well sometimes it only amounts to a crush, a secret pinning over someone you are afraid to talk to for whatever reason. But, what happens a decade down the road when you run into this person you spent so many nights dreaming about. Are you more confident then to say hello, over and invitation to catch up, admit over dinner to how you felt all those years ago? Sounds romantic in the end doesn’t it?

Well, in the first novella, A Vampire’s Witch, in myAt War in the Willows Series, it doesn’t quite go so smoothly. In this story you have a younger teenage girl, a witch who must keep her true identity a secret, who has been in love with a boy from her school for years. Tragically, he is killed in a car accident. Although she tries to intervene in his fate that night – in that she tries to stop other young and mischievous witches from ensuring his death against a vampire who grabs his nearly dead body – it ends up she has no idea what happened to him in the end since the vampire chased her and the other witches off when he felt their magic.

A decade later, the now vampire, Isaac, returns home secretly, hell bent on revenge for his maker who was just killed. Needing to know what the enemy clan, the witches are up to, he kidnaps one. It is only supposed to be for a short time to get information. But who he kidnaps is the witch he didn’t know was in love with him all those years ago. When he recognizes her magic, but has no understanding as to why, well the explanations can get a bit out of hand…but hold the possibility of a fiery romance as well.

I personally love stories where the couple meeting has a history together, one that when they catch up brings a lot to light. This past connection gives a writer do much to build upon, to play with…a depth that just needs to be fleshed out, but yet a few mysteries remain. This situation can lead to some volatile and passionate scenes – boy I love those reading or writing!

If you like the same, you should check out, The Vampire’s Witch, Book I in the At War in the Willows Series.


The Willows is a resort town run by vampires, werewolves and witches. Here, their true identities are kept secret from humans, and intimate relations between the individual clans are strictly forbidden.

When it becomes known that the vampire Amberlyn has fallen in love with the werewolf Kane, the tedious line of their co-existence has been crossed. Caught in the crossfire of this revelation, Drake, the vampire clan leader and Amberlyn’s maker, is killed along with an innocent witch. These deaths spark a series of horrific events leading to an all out War In The Willows.

In Book 1, Amberlyn’s vampire brother, Isaac, always one to kick ass first and deal with the consequences later, kidnaps a witch, Winter. He intends to find out what type of retaliation the witch clan is planning against the vampires and werewolves. In doing so, he finds so much more then he bargained for.

By Book 2, Isaac and Winter devise a plan to try to get the Elders of the clans talking peacefully. But, things don't go as they'd hoped, and the fighting between the clans becomes more devious - deadly. Now, Devin, another Vampire of Drake's making, steps in to help pick up some of the pieces.

When Book 3 begins, it is Devin who hides the biggest secret; he’s in love with a local human. In a moment of desperation – of love – Devin sweeps this human, Sara, away to his home in order to keep her out of harm’s way.

Unexpected close encounters, bodies ripe with need, and situations beyond their control lead to forbidden relationships. Now three vampires, a witch, a werewolf and a human must ride along the edges of the rules. They will attempt once unthinkable romantic entanglements despite all those who oppose their relationships while fighting for their lives as well.

With the Willows full of violence and bloodshed, meetings and magic amiss, will the clans ever be able to find peace among them again? Or, will this war destroy the Willows?

Genres: Erotic, Paranormal (Vampire, Witch, Werewolf) Romance

Book I, The Vampire's Witch - Available Now at Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords
Book II, The Vampire's Wolf - Coming July 2012

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Woohoo! Blog Hopping! Hoppy Easter!

What a great way to discover new authors/blogs and visit with old friends. Everybody wins this way!

Most romantic evening was on a cruise. We danced on the deck under the stars, cuddled and sipped wine.

Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win! <^_^>

I wanted to thank everyone that commented and participated in the blog hop.  Stay tuned we have several other events coming up:

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WIP = Works In Progress

Let's see fishing with hubby for the last week so nothing has been accomplished with Teaching Summer and Vet's Geek soooooo back to the writing pad for me and Mollie.  Hopefully I will have Teaching Summer finished by weekend and Mollie can finish up Dylann's Long Road Home.  I would love to hear about your weekend.