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With all her friends getting married and starting families Toni has found herself wanting the same thing.  Just when Toni thought she had met the Mr. Right, the one she thought she could trust and live “happily ever after”,  he turned out to be Mr. Wrong. 

Being the ultimate bachelor Joey Kindricks was the love’em and leave’em kind of guy, sure he always made sure his women were taken care of nicely and all cards were out on the table until his table got turned upside down.  In one fateful night a discovery has Joey rethinking all his beliefs, he discovers that only Toni truly holds his heart.  Now he just has to convince Toni that her heart is safe with him and that he is completely serious about no longer being Mr. Bachelor of the Year.

When Joey’s world gets turned upside down not once but twice in one night it Toni is the only one who can help him through it all.  Can Toni see beyond his wild reputation and see the loving man he is or will she cash it in and walk away from the temptation and the one man that secretly holds her heart.



If you haven't read Chase's Love that introduces Rachel and Chase to everyone...

Rachel wasn't looking for love. As a matter of fact, she'd written off men altogether as the last thing she wanted in her life was another controlling jerk.  At least that was the plan until the guy of her dreams walked into her life. 


Chase Jamison had just got out of the military and was working toward expanding the business he started with his brother and best friends.  He had a goal and he was focused.  Never in a million years did Chase expect to find the sexiest woman on earth at his club. 


As Chase and Rachel come together and try to find happiness, one question remains. Will Rachel's ex-lover step in and keep the pair from finding true love?

Then we introduced Allison and let's just say she can get herself in some dilemma's...

Who said “Two's company Three's a crowd?”
                                            In France, ménage a trios means 'household of three'.

Society’s Child
Allison Cruze has always been the ideal daughter every power couple wanted: beautiful, college graduate, successful and primed to take over the family business.  Her parents gave her the best of everything including a husband; all she had to do was follow the rules and she would be set for life. Her parents know what it is like to be in an arranged marriage after all it has worked for them all these years

Two of a Kind

Mike Cross and Drake Jamison were best friends through the military and now in a very successful business.  They learned early in their military careers to depend on each other and they also learned that they loved to share the same woman.  Knowing this was not the traditional relationship they searched for the right woman. A woman that was strong, beautiful, talented and wasn’t afraid of going against the norm. As they watched their best friend and brother fall in love they realized that they were ready to settle down and they knew just the woman they wanted – Allison Cruze.
Now can they devise a plan to get Allison to fall in love with them? To trust them enough to go against her parent’s wishes and against the society that she grew up in? Can they turn them into  a Three of a Kind?

Once you have laughed, cried and cheered on these two women we moved on to Toni!  

What can we say for our bios except we are quite a pair

Our adventure started when we became friends while working at a mental health counseling centers, no we were not the patients but the employees. As we looked upon our situation we knew almost instantly that a friendship was in bloom, well actually more than a friendship but a kinship where we can openly laugh, joke and stand side by side no matter what the world throws at us. We both are extremely proud parents of our boys and have amazing people in our lives to support us as we go out on the adventures of life.  Mollie has an amazing, smart and energetic little boy and two wonderful precious puppies that fulfill the majority of her life and like her I have a two amazing young men but I have five puppies and a husband to consume my time.  In addition to editing and co-authoring books Mollie and I have a small home business that started as a crazy hobby, . Somehow in our spare time, if any, we have managed to create some smoking hot amazing books that were not only a blast to create but gave us our own little pieces of nirvana.  This is quite the adventure for us and hope that you will enjoy our books just as much as we have writing them. 


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We are celebrating the release of Toni's Heartbeat and would like for each person to have a chance to win a goodie just for stopping by, just leave a comment at our release party on Friday, May 17th!