Monday, September 10, 2012


Mollie & I went to Joplin, Missouri this weekend for a family funeral, I am grew up and graduated from Joplin (go Eagles).  We had a blast with my sisters and Mom at the casino's and just visiting, I am so grateful for my family they are wonderful.  I know that all families fight amongst themselves and that is great but it's wonderful to know they are there for you no matter what.  On our way home we detoured through Eureka Springs, AR and had an amazing time looking at the historical buildings and all the little shops.  On our way home we originally decided to go through Harrison, AR but again we detoured down Hwy 21.  Needless to say that was when the fun started as we progressed down this winding hilly road (we were in my husband Camaro that is a freaking blast on that road) we come across some Elk.  Yep Elk in Arkansas but Mollie had us laughing so hard we were crying so here is how it went down:

As we are coming across a flat area we notice people standing off to the right looking into a field of course Mollie & I comment how silly they looked when Mollie looks up

"Deer" sitting up quickly to get a better look "No MOOSIES, Mooses" looking a little more closely as we slow down "Fuck-it those are Elk"

For everyone that knows Mollie will understand how funny she is because I love her dearly her OCD, proper grammer doesn't bother me but for her to start yelling MOOSIES was to funny.

Sorry Mollie had to let this be known!!

Love ya girl


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend in Missouri

Mollie finally gets to come to Missouri my home town. We have a memorial service this morning but then we are going to hang out in Sarcoxie. We have a couple of ladies that live our books and we get to meet them. We have finally set up kindle graph so we can autograph our books.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey everyone I want to THANK YOU all for the support of the relaunch of our website,  we have had a great 2 weeks and a special thanks to all the guest authors.  Once the holiday weekend has ended I will be announcing the $25 gift card winner from all the comments from the past 2 weeks.