Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toni's Coming...

Crazy busy getting all the edits done for Toni's Heartbeat, we can't wait to get it released on May 17th.  Rebel Ink Press have been amazing to work with we have had so many opportunities such as the Rebel Ink Press Cookbook  -  Yep even us writers have to eat check it out  - it is available in both paperback and ebook  -  did I mention that the proceeds help Heifer International!!

Then we have helped support the Humane Society by creating this wonderful compelling story a dog lovers must read

Well that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rebel Ink Press so please take a moment to support not just Mollie and I but all of the Rebel Ink Press authors they are truly and amazing bunch of people!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BOUND BY SEDUCTION by Kharisma Rhayne

Thanks so much for being a stop on the Bound Tour.

Ok, so how about a little more blabbing today? Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten about the excerpt for Jacob & Isa. It’s still coming for you on a stop.
Let’s turn those tables away from my last chatty post. So, here’s what most women really would enjoy doing, in nor order, of course.

--School Girl: Yes guys, many women actually think about the naughty student and the spanking from the teacher. Here is your chance to give her what she wants and be dominant while doing it.
--Domination: There’s nothing quite like a dominating man. We all want to be women from time to time. So, this is your chance to let that testosterone run wild. Push us back into a wall, make us beg for it—tease us unmercifully.

--Voyeur: Let me get this out of the way. The often said “women are not visual” is most times very far from the truth. Chances are that she loves watching as much as you do.
--Forced Seduction: I want to stress on this, that while many women crave this as it’s an excuse to be the bad girl that so many really want to be—CONCENT is a must. Also, there needs to be a safe word no matter how non-extreme you feel things will be. Safely done…this can be great fun for both partners.

--Domination: She wants to manhandle you. It gives the relationship new perspective. Yes, you’re her big, strong knight in shining armor—but imagine how turned on she feels when she’s in control of that.

--Dancer: Many women have the dancer fantasy just as much as men do. It’s the thought of having any man look at you with such desire….knowing that you’re the one in control of what he is wanting…you’re the one making him hard.

--Threesome: It seems to be the thing to do. As more and more people are getting comfortable with their own sexuality, the idea of another woman joining in with your female and you isn’t all that unheard of. You never know, this may be on her fantasy wish list and she’s afraid to ask.

--Threesome: While we’re talking in threes—one woman and two men. This is so hot to many women. Sometimes the desires are easy enough—wanting the attention of two men…maybe one kissing while the other penetrates. This fantasy isn’t always about double penetration.

--Stranger Danger: The thrill of sex with a stranger. Hot! Many women would never act this out, but oh the fun the fantasy entails. To make it hotter, don’t tell him your name and don’t ask for his. In an instance like this, a female can be however she wants to be with no one ever being any the wiser. Maybe she’s a straight-laced business woman. This night, she can be a rock groupie and leave refined sex at home.

--On Exhibit: Most women put on a disgusted face when a man mentions taking naked pictures or filming their own sex. In reality, many women want to have that sexy feeling of being on display. Something like this, allowing her to act out the bad girl in her, may go great with the forced seduction mention.

Isn’t it nice to see how many fantasies men and women really do have in common? So my questions is: What are you waiting for? Try some out.
I’ll see everyone at the next stop tomorrow.

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