Friday, September 30, 2011

Hot Tub and Writing

Spent 30 minutes in my hot tub relaxing so I am going to grab my tablet head to my bed an write on my books,  I have been working in Toni's Heart but I might work on Dylann's Long Road Home, see ya in the am!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dial up those were the days

My comcast is acting stupid, it has been out all day and now it's acting like dial up,  remember those days??

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video, Video, Video

2 hours and I finally finished the video for my book, I have one from Chase's point and one from Rachel's point, kinda neat all I have to do is add my book cover when it gets finished.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Yep I am thinking it is a great Tuesday, I need everyone to cross their fingers I have submitted another book to Rebel Ink Press for consideration,  sure hope they contract it...

Monday, September 26, 2011


MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! Love my football so keeping this short, hope everyone had a great day. Tomorrow going to talk about Chase from Chase's Love

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interesting Weekend/Looking forward

Went to the Lonoke County Fair to watch one of my best friends daughter sing, who is an amazing singer. So thankful that my other best friend and co-author Mollie went with me she is totally awesome like that!!  I really appreciate my best friends they are great to have around.  Next week completely sucks because Mollie is going to a wedding in New Mexico, Dawnn is going back to Fayetteville and I am left alone, yep that is me feeling sorry for myself but I will get a lot of writing done so hold on your vacation Mollie when you get home I am gonna have Toni's Heart finished and hopefully almost finished with Dylann's Long Road Home. 

October is going to be a busy month for me, I have Anne Holly as a guest, the Blog Hop with free give aways and I want to have Allison's Dilemma completed and to E at Rebel Ink Press.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and all is well!!


*ATTENTION* - GREAT NEWS! - YOU can become my "FB FRIEND OF THEY DAY" by simply volunteering to clean my house - so I can sit & read my book!! IT'S SO EASY! =D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This explains it's self

Levels of insanity 1-Talking to yourself  2 Arguing with yourself  3 losing argument with yourself 4 -no longer speaking to yourself. I have nothing to say

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allison's Dilemma - Unedited Excerpt

          “OH crap on a cracker! OK, for the last couple of weeks the guys have been in deep discussion about…well, you, Allison. They know you are attracted to them, not just Mike or Drake but both Mike and Drake.”

Allison looked at Rachel in complete shocked but didn’t say a word so Rachel continued. “So, the four of them have been discussing how to approach you to get you interested in the idea of a ménage. Not the fling kind of ménage, but a full blown French ménage. You do know what that is, don’t you?” Rachel’s eyebrows went up and a look of hope was written all over her face.

“OOOOOOOO!  Pick me! Pick me! Come on, pick me!” Toni being herself was jumping up and down with her hand raised in the air.

Rachel pointed at Toni.  “OK, little girl, what is your answer?”

“Well, a ménage, as most people know it, is just a fling type relationship between three people fucking and having fun. But a French ménage is a household of three. Get it, Allison? They want you to commit to both of them.”

Allison looked at both of the girls with eyes as big around has quarters. “OK, enough of this crap. I am heading to the bathroom to crawl into the tub and I am not coming out until dinner.  Please don’t bother me until then. I love you both but cannot deal right now.” And with that, Allison walked off.

Wonderful Wednesday

Still feel like crap but hopefully will get better, thought I would include an unedited excerpt from Allison's Dilemma.  I can't wait for the cover for this one I am really intersted to see what they do.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Trailer

Spent 2 hours on a 1.30 mintue video trailer for my book, I would say it kicked my butt, how do graphic people do this, please show me the window to escape, I'll stick to numbers.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My New Mantra

Sometimes it's all about finding that one person that you want to do dirty things with! Other times it's about chocolate. Both things together.. Priceless!


#1  if vodka was water and i was a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and never come up,but waters not vodka and I'm not a duck, so slide me a bottle and shut the fuck up

#2 don't hold your farts in they will go up your spine to your brain and that is where shitty ideas come from

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Old???

Ok for everyone out there that wants to laugh at me here you go:
Friday I got dressed in the dark (so I wouldnt wake Lou) and went to work as I walked toward my building I looked down and realized I had on one brown flat and one black flat, Yep two different shoes. So I called Lou to bring me my other black shoe. So much for not waking him up. Does this mean I am getting old?

Friday, September 16, 2011



Rachel was struggling to get away from his grasp that would end up leaving a huge bruise on her arm.  That was all she needed, a bruise.  Suddenly, Rachel was jerked back to reality when Paul was pulled from her and thrown toward the parking lot.  Shocked, she just melted to the ground scared of what was going too happened next.  When Rachel looked up, Mr. Ice Eyes was looking down at her with a frown on his face and brows tightly drawn together. 
“Little one are you ok?” Mr. Ice Eyes gently reached down and helped her up off the ground. 

Rachel just wanted to crawl up this man’s body and snuggle in his arms.  Instead she jumped up and ran inside. She got just about to the door when she ran into Allison and Toni.
“What’s wrong?  Are you ok?” Toni turned Rachel around to make her look at her.

“I’m fine. Just a little shook up. I ran into Paul and he decided that I still belonged to him, but then Mr. Ice Eyes showed up and I ran.  I need to go to the ladies room” Rachel said as she walked away with Toni following behind her.
“I don’t know who you are, but Rachel belongs to me.  She is mine, always has been always will be.  We are just having an argument right now and its none of your business.”  Paul stated as he foolishly poked Chase in the chest.  Chase just laughed at the guy, wondering if he really thought treating a beautiful woman that way was the way to keep her.  Nope, absolutely not, women like her deserved to be cherished, loved. Chase could only image those ruby red lips wrapped around his cock, those big brown eyes looking up at me. Damn, he thought, I don’t even know her name.  As Chase turned around his brother and friends came walking out of the club. 

Jerked back to reality, Chase hears in the distance a spunky little voice rambling to his buddies, “Oh my gosh, you would not believe that your friend here just saved Rachel.  It was like amazing! Paul is such a dick and here comes your friend and saves the day just like a white knight or black night considering he is wearing all that leather.  Tell me, how can you all move in all that leather? I really don’t understand. Is it completely restricting, not to mention in this heat. Are you all not hot or something?”
Crap did she just say all of that without taking a breath?  “Thank you, I think. Is your friend ok? What is her name?”  Chuckling to himself, Chase was amazed at the ability to talk the way this woman did. 

“Her name is Rachel Montgomery, by the way. And I am Allison, but my friends call me Alli. Wow, I can’t believe Paul is such a dick.  Well nice meeting all you gentlemen and thanks again.”

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kick Butt Writing Night

I am a happy person tonight,  I sat down and started to really work on my third book, Toni's Heart.  So far I am sitting at little over 11,700 words.  Mollie said she just finished reading Allison's Dilemma and started reading Book 1 of the Vailant, OK series.  That is going to be a fun one to write, thankfully my partner in pen, Mollie is keeping me on track with the storyline.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow I sent out an invite to all authors that might be interested in being on my blog and got a great response be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming guests starting in October!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Question #3

I asked my friends if they could ask a writer something what would it be here is the first response I had:

Do you write about your past experiences in love, loss and sex?

Question #2 - My Thoughts

Honestly lust came first with me, I saw Lou and knew that he was freaking hot and when we got together we found out that for some strange reason we worked.  We compliment each other nicely we have been through more hell than most but after the dust settles that lust is still there and is being supported but unconditional love.  I have seen most relationships like that die as the lust wears off but thankfully for Lou and I that lust is still remaining.

9/11 - Thankful thoughts

Wow it has been 10 years since that horrible attack on America, I can remember exactly where I was and thankfully my family and friends were safe. God Bless those that died that day and for those that lost family and friends, I hold you and them in my heart.  I can remember sitting in my office in Cabot, AR when we found out, my boss is retired military as well as some of the employees, they instantly got a TV and turned it on.  My first reaction was shock and tears then I just wanted to hold my kids.  Since their school sits directly next to a military base we could not go get them we had to wait and check them out one at a time so the line to the school was long over a mile from the school but the police had the area blocked off and would radio up to the school check out the children.  Our cell phones would not work and traffic was bad but nothing like the hell that was going on in that Pennsylvania field, Pentagon or New York.  GOD BLESS ALL!! Since then we have been at war and many have lost their lives, I have friends that are currently in the middle East and I worry about them daily. May everyone come home safe to their love ones.  I am thankful each day for the life I have and while some may not realize it but as long as they are alive to see another day they to should be thankful.  Within the last 2 months I have been given this wonderful opportunity by Rebel Ink Press to write books for them, my best friend Dawnn says that I have found my theraputic outlet, hmmm who knew I could actually do this and really enjoy it.  Well I am extremely happy for this opportunity and will not forget those that have encouraged me, supported me and cheered me on.  Thank you each and everyone of you, may you life be long and happy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Release Month - Chase's Love

It looks like we are going to be releasing Chase's Love in Feb. 2012 I am super excited, I should be getting my book cover and advertising blurb in about 30 days so I will of course share that with everyone once I receive it.  I am super excited about that!!  Also I have received a contract offer on Allison's Dilemma and it should be released this spring.  If I knew writing was this much fun I would have done this years ago!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Allison's Dilemma Rough Draft Finished

WHEW!!!! finally finished the rough draft of Allison's Dilemma,  still waiting to hear back from the editor at Rebel Ink Press to see if they are interested in publishing the book so I wll have to wait and see.  Cross your fingers and toes everyone.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Question # 2

 Does Love Start As Lust???

Really think about this one if you love someone did that love start as a lust or a did you instantly know that this was the person for you, I am really curious for your opinions so answer honestly and don't hold back!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Allison's Dilemma

YEAH!! Just sent off Allison's Dilemma off to the editor at Rebel Ink Press.  I just hope that she enjoys reading it as much as Mollie and I have had writing it. Stay tuned for more information...

NEW RELEASE: V Day by Anne Holly

Young violinist Daniel dreams of winning first chair of his university orchestra and finding love. For years, he’s adored the pretty physiotherapist who lives next door to his family home, where he lives with a mother who thinks Jello molds and sweaters are the height of cool and a father who’s never been seen on the other side of a newspaper. Daniel knows he wants his life to be different – passionate and creative. The trouble is, no girl has ever seen him as more than a friend, and the girl next door, Bronwyn, may never see him as anything other than the 14 year old peeking through her shrubs he’d been the day she moved in! One long Valentine’s weekend, a serenade and a whim can change all that. But how can Daniel make forever last more than three days?