Friday, September 2, 2011

NEW RELEASE: V Day by Anne Holly

Young violinist Daniel dreams of winning first chair of his university orchestra and finding love. For years, he’s adored the pretty physiotherapist who lives next door to his family home, where he lives with a mother who thinks Jello molds and sweaters are the height of cool and a father who’s never been seen on the other side of a newspaper. Daniel knows he wants his life to be different – passionate and creative. The trouble is, no girl has ever seen him as more than a friend, and the girl next door, Bronwyn, may never see him as anything other than the 14 year old peeking through her shrubs he’d been the day she moved in! One long Valentine’s weekend, a serenade and a whim can change all that. But how can Daniel make forever last more than three days?

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Anne Holly said...

Thanks for posting the book, and for joining me for my release. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!