Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allison's Dilemma - Unedited Excerpt

          “OH crap on a cracker! OK, for the last couple of weeks the guys have been in deep discussion about…well, you, Allison. They know you are attracted to them, not just Mike or Drake but both Mike and Drake.”

Allison looked at Rachel in complete shocked but didn’t say a word so Rachel continued. “So, the four of them have been discussing how to approach you to get you interested in the idea of a ménage. Not the fling kind of ménage, but a full blown French ménage. You do know what that is, don’t you?” Rachel’s eyebrows went up and a look of hope was written all over her face.

“OOOOOOOO!  Pick me! Pick me! Come on, pick me!” Toni being herself was jumping up and down with her hand raised in the air.

Rachel pointed at Toni.  “OK, little girl, what is your answer?”

“Well, a ménage, as most people know it, is just a fling type relationship between three people fucking and having fun. But a French ménage is a household of three. Get it, Allison? They want you to commit to both of them.”

Allison looked at both of the girls with eyes as big around has quarters. “OK, enough of this crap. I am heading to the bathroom to crawl into the tub and I am not coming out until dinner.  Please don’t bother me until then. I love you both but cannot deal right now.” And with that, Allison walked off.

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