Saturday, September 3, 2011

Question # 2

 Does Love Start As Lust???

Really think about this one if you love someone did that love start as a lust or a did you instantly know that this was the person for you, I am really curious for your opinions so answer honestly and don't hold back!


Winfield H. Strock III said...

My worst relationships started with lust. My hormones found plenty to like while our personalities seldom matched. As a young man I had one goal in mind then when dating. Men were friends and women were something else.

My wife of 25 years was my confidant in school during some of these painful times. It wasn't until she and I started dating (for the third time) that I realized how good she was for me. When I left home for the navy and had opportunity to connect with those lustful relationships again I kept thinking of my bright, funny, loving girlfriend back home and realized we were made for each other.

I'm living my 'happily ever after' now. Friendship and partnership are key.

Anne Holly said...

I'm with Winfield - a relationship that started with lust ended nastily for me. Lust turning into love often turns south one the passion passes it's "sell by" date. In real life, it might be best to start with friendship - though, with plenty of attraction in there, if possible.

However, I totally reserve the right to write books where lust turns into love. *fingers crossed behind my back*

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy said...

Trial and error taught me that love based on lust wasn't really love, not in the long run or where it counts. My first sexual relationship began on total lust at a very young age and it ended very badly in so many ways. I shudder to think about it now!
I'm married 17 years now and although there was mutual attraction, our relationship was also grounded in common ground, respect, and love so it works!

Jasmine Aherne said...

Friendship first for me. I love to get to know a person without the entanglements of romance before anything even gets started! Lust came later :D