Sunday, September 11, 2011

Question #3

I asked my friends if they could ask a writer something what would it be here is the first response I had:

Do you write about your past experiences in love, loss and sex?

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Anne Holly said...

I do and I don't. I would never directly write about real life, since it isn't terribly respectful to the people I have known in life - and they didn't sign up to be related/involved with a Writer but with me, if that makes sense. If there was something really important, I would, but with permission only - for example, I am writing a book now about my aunt's disappearance, with my family's blessing.

BUT everything I write stems from my own experience in some way - how I felt, the things I like/dislike, etc. My own feelings during the love/sex/loss/etc in my life are there; otherwise, I don't know how to separate myself out so strictly.

So, I would say the facts/people/events are not things I directly write about, but I render my own experience impressionistically in my books.

Good question!