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Allison woke up the next morning alone in her bed but feeling happier than she had in years. Knowing everyone was leaving today to head back home, she also felt a little depressed. But this would be good because she'd have some time to figure out all of the angles of this relationship with Mike and Drake.

"Hey Alli, it's Toni and Rachel. Can we come in?"

"Sure. I was just heading to the shower but we can talk. What’s up?" Allison climbed into the oversized shower.

Rachel and Toni giggled then Toni burst out laughing. "Really, woman? You're asking
us what’s up when you slept with Mike and Drake? Hell, I thought this trip was all about Rachel and Chase announcing the baby. This is much better gossip! Spill! We want all the details, in clear definition."

All Allison could do was laugh since she knew her best friends were on a roll and weren’t going to let up until they heard it all. "Ok, where do I start? Mike and Drake want a ménage relationship with me, but nothing casual. A real life, committed relationship with marriage and kids. The whole shebang."

Toni and Rachel looked at each other and cracked up laughing again.

"Really? That's quite a shock." Rachel did her best to sound shocked but the wet sponge that flew at her and the look Allison gave her told her she hadn’t done such a good job.

"So are you going to give them a chance?" Toni questioned.

Sighing as the hot shower started to relax her muscles, Allison knew the answer was yes, she just hadn’t admitted it to anyone else. "It’s something that will cause a rift between me and my parents because they've all but printed the wedding invitations for Thad and I. But I care deeply for both of them. I’m just not sure how it’s going to work. Will there be jealousy between them if I have sex with one and not the other? What if I make one mad at me? Will the other take up for me or will it always be two against one? These are major concerns. Oh, and let’s say I get pregnant. Do we get DNA tested to see who the daddy is? What name goes on the

birth certificate? Fuck! This is hard! My head is spinning in circles. Part of me wants to say yes, yes, Yes! And another part of me says WTF? Hell no!"

As Allison stepped out of the shower, Rachel handed her a big, fluffy towel. "Look Alli, we've been through it all together. The bottom line and major question is--what do you want from a relationship? Do you think you can love them equally or do you feel like you have to choose?"

Allison looked a little dazed by Rachel’s question. "I’m not sure how to answer that. But I do know I’m hungry. Let’s go eat."

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Sounds good. Thanks for sharing it! Congrats on your release! Thank you for the fun hop and the great giveaway!!