Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dad's Plan Anthology Chapter One

Chapter One

“Oh my gosh you’ve got to be kidding me, Courtney!” Becky was lying on her stomach talking to her best friend as Bret walked into the room. “Courtney, hang on. Dad just got home from work. I’ll call you back, okay?” Hanging up the phone, Becky rolled over and jumped up to hug her Dad. “Hey Daddy, how was work?” Bret looked at his little girl as if he wondered when she grew up.

“Hey Angel, work was good but I’m on call tonight. I have a new deputy starting and between Wayne and me, we want to make ourselves available if necessary.” Bret walked out of her room with Becky following him.

“Dad, Courtney wants me to go with her and her mom to her Aunt’s house this weekend. Can I go since you’re on call?” Becky knew her Dad was overprotective but he really liked Courtney and her parents.

“I need more details. Have Abby call me then I'll give you an answer. Are you hungry, angel?” Bret took his gun out of his holster and put it in the gun safe. Becky jumped on his bed and sat down, crossing her legs.

“Nope, I'm good. Samantha and I had burgers when I got home. She said if you have to change shifts next week to let her know so she can make arrangements to stay here.” Bret looked over at his daughter. Thankfully his sister, Samantha, lived two blocks away and was glad to help out since Becky's mom left. Being the Baker County Sheriff made for some weird working hours.

“As it stands my shifts aren't changing. Did that new teacher get moved in yet? I noticed a new car in Sam’s driveway but I wasn’t sure.” Bret headed toward the kitchen with Becky in tow.

“Aunt Sam said she's moving in this week. Dad, please let me go with Courtney. We might actually stay a week. I'll be ok plus it’s only an hour away if I need you.” Becky had that pretty please look on her face that she knew her father couldn’t resist. “Go call Abby and bring me the phone so I can talk to her.” Bret squinted as Becky squealed and ran toward her room to get her phone.

Bret proceeded to fix a sandwich and Becky watched as his shoulders slumped in exhaustion. Shaken out of his daze, Becky handed him the phone.


“Hey Abby,” looking at his daughter, Becky looked like a kid in a candy store “Yeah, she said something about going with you and Courtney. What exactly are the plans?” Bret turned his back on his daughter as she jumped up and ran in front of him, looking at him eagerly. “She can go but she needs to be home on Wednesday since they leave for camp on Saturday morning. Is Courtney still going?” Bret honestly couldn’t hear what Abby said because Becky was jumping and down in his face.

Hanging up the phone and setting it on the counter, Bret looked at Becky. “Here’s the deal. You can go but you have to be back on Wednesday.” Bret looked down at his little girl. “Absolutely no going to the mall without Abby or her sister, and only then if you have your mace and you stay with an adult. No going out after dark and no boys allowed in the house without an adult present. Period”

“Dad, I’m 15 years old. I’ve taken seven years of self defense, can out-shoot most police officers, including you sometimes, plus I know you’re concerned about me growing up. I love you Daddy. Now I’m going pack some clothes and call Courtney back.” Leaning up, she kissed her Dad on the cheek and took off toward her room.

Bret finished fixing his sandwich, grabbed a drink from the fridge and headed toward the living room to call his sister.

“Hey sis thanks for hanging here with Becky. I wanted to let you know Becky's going with Courtney to her Aunt’s house for the next couple of days so I'm gonna be here alone. Did your new roomy get moved in?” Sam chattered like she normally did and it still amazed him his little sister was the same chatter box at thirty five she'd been at sixteen. “I’ll call if I need to go out on a call.” Hanging up his phone, he relaxed in his easy chair and grabbed the remote as Becky came running into the room chattering about clothes, plopping down on his lap.

“Daddy, I love you” hugging his neck, she sat down and watched television sitting on Bret’s lap like she did when she was five years old , smiling as she flipped through the channels.

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