Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Desi Moon has taken over...

Take a Leap

Hi all! My name is Desi Moon I want to thank Wendy for letting me hijack her blog today!

I really want to talk about my new release, Accidental Intent coming out March 17th. It is my first romantic murder mystery full of strong opinionated woman, the men who can’t get enough of them, goofy dogs who will melt your heart and some really nice footwear.  

But it just doesn’t feel right talking about Accidental Intent (Did I mention it will be released on March 17th?) because today is February 29th.

Leap year, the hidden day. The one day that comes every four years. It is kind of like Vegas—“What happens on February 29th only gets discussed on February 29th

Frasier Crane (Remember him?) implored his listeners to step out of their comfort zones today, do something unexpected. I would like to do the same. It is a free day, one that only comes along every four years—do the unexpected!

Take your Hunny out on an extraordinary date (Some place the two of you would never think about going), get that tattoo you’ve been debating for far too long or treat yourself to that mocha you’ve been denying yourself. (Fact: Calories don’t know about the free day, so you can indulge without guilt)

After a steadying breath kiss your crush or just ask them out to coffee. Take a leap of faith.

It is February 29th, take advantage of the glory of the day and do something out of the ordinary.

When St. Paddy’s day rolls around purchase Accidental Intent, kick back with a mug of Irish coffee (The girls of AI would love it!) and enjoy the absolute craziness of my world.

Desi Moon

I am a writer, dog trainer (Almost all of my stories have at least one dog mentioned) and a Project Runway junkie.

I am living the fractured fairy tale with my wonderful husband Eben, who is a board game designer and a writer as well (Helps to have another creative neurotic in the house)

My family includes two great kids who keep me on my toes (mentally and physically) three entitled cats, and one issue plagued but none the less loveable dog.

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