Friday, March 2, 2012

WIP - Teaching Summer

What can I say except that this week has been testing that is for sure!! Well here is an UNEDITED excerpt from Teaching Summer:

“You will very slowly put down your gun and put your hands on your head interlocking your fingers” Summer slowly placed her gun on the ground and put her hands on her head; that voice created chills up and down her back. Knowing she had to keep her cool to get out of this situation still not knowing what was going on with Chase. Taking a deep breath Summer knew what she had to do instead of interlocking her fingers she spun around raising her leg up high enough to knock the weapon from his hand as she landed she punched out with the palm of her hand to his nose more than likely breaking it she hoped as she prepared to kick him huge arms constricted around her seizing her movements quickly.
“Now listen her little lady your gonna settle yourself down and quick attacking us do you understand me” Marcus couldn’t believe that this little 5’2 lady just took down three Navy Seals “Now calm down damn it we need to figure out what the hell is going on and why you’re hell bent on kicking the shit out of Chandler, not to mention where the fuck Xavier’s at or what you have done to him” Marcus squeezed a little tighter when the woman started wiggling and raising her leg to kick backward. Marcus picked her up with ease and walked toward the office down the hall, Chase was still on the conference call with them when the commotion started in the server’s area so Marcus wanted to tell them what he found.

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