Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WIP = Dylann's Long Road Home

We are putting the finishing touches on Dylann's Long Road Home - Valiant Ok Book 1

I am really excited about this series it is about discovering love and acceptance that all seek out.


Dylann Briley Thomas had it all; the youngest of her family, had a wonderful, playful bouncing baby boy and married to her childhood sweetheart. So what more could a woman ask for??

Opening the door to her house to find the Chaplin and her husband’s Commanding Officer standing there was the most horrifying day Dylann could imagine. Coming to the grips of what her dead husband has asked her to do Dylann is out for an adventure of a lifetime.  Starting over with a toddler in a new state and home Dylann finds herself drawn to a man that not only intrigues her but makes her entire world spin out of control. 

Jesse Nelson has sworn off marriage for life, the last thing he needs in his life is another conniving, cheating, controlling ex-wife so what is a man to do when the woman of his dreams literally shows up. Looking up to see the most intriguing woman ever he suddenly discovers there is so much more to this little woman. Jesse is mesmerized by her strength, passion and beauty but now he needs to show her the passion that lies within.

Once the dust settles and they both realize that more than fate brought them together Dylann and Jesse now has to learn to trust, love and laugh again.  Can they overcome the past find what is ahead of them or will Dylann turn tail and run from everything and everyone?

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