Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Allison's Dilemma

Who said “Two's company Three's a crowd?”
                                           In France, ménage a trios means 'household of three'.

Society’s Child
Allison Cruze has always been the ideal daughter every power couple wanted: beautiful, college graduate, successful and primed to take over the family business.  Her parents gave her the best of everything including a husband; all she had to do was follow the rules and she would be set for life. Her parents know what it is like to be in an arranged marriage after all it has worked for them all these years

Two of a Kind

Mike Cross and Drake Jamison were best friends through the military and now in a very successful business.  They learned early in their military careers to depend on each other and they also learned that they loved to share the same woman.  Knowing this was not the traditional relationship they searched for the right woman. A woman that was strong, beautiful, talented and wasn’t afraid of going against the norm. As they watched their best friend and brother fall in love they realized that they were ready to settle down and they knew just the woman they wanted – Allison Cruze.

Now can they devise a plan to get Allison to fall in love with them? To trust them enough to go against her parent’s wishes and against the society that she grew up in? Can they turn them into  a Three of a Kind?

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