Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Blog Hop

Tell us about your most romantic night, fantasy or date?????

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Valentine's Day Blog Hop
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Tamaria Soana said...

Well My 2nd sate with my husband was a Valentine's Day. He came to pick me up my my sister was let picking up my niece who was 4 months old at the time. So i could finish getting ready he played with her. He got on the floor and really played with her. I think a part of me fell in love with them right there and then.

tamariasoana at yahoo dot com

star DF said...

I think my most romantic night was our first date! Ten years ago today :) We spent 6 hours together over dinner then in the cold weather. Simply lost track of time as we talked and laughed and just enjoyed each others company.

stardf (AT)

lily sawyer said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Please enter me into your contest

yinyang1062(at) yahoo(dot)com


Cayce said...

Here is fantasy of mine.
A date in Paris. And I'd love to get a kiss on the top of the Eiffel tower from my boyfriend :). A girl can dream :)

Thank you for the giveaway!
Happy Valentine's Day!
cayce006 at yahoo dot com

Lisa said...

I think the most romantic thing that I can remember is that on our first 3 dates hubby brought me roses. It was such a beautiful gesture at such an early time in our relationship.


Carrie said...

My husband isn't the most romantic, but I'd love it if he actually took the initiative to take me on a surprise date and do all the planning!

celjla212 at aol dot com

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Hubby isn't very romantic either LOL

Happy Valentines Day!


Emiliana25 said...

Getting my first kiss on Valentine's Day!
Thank you for your giveaway and for participating in the hop ^-^y
Happy Valentine’s Day

Emiliana25(at) web [dot] de

WakeAngel said...

Most romantic date would have to be Valentine's day my junior year of high school (sad, but true, apparently I need to pick better guys in my older years!:-)) Anyways, my crush asked me out on a date. He showed up at my door Valentine's night with a dozen roses and the cutest card! He then took me out to dinner at a really nice Steakhouse (turns out he knew the owners!). The perfect evening was followed up by him asking me to prom! How over the moon was I!!!:-)

mmbrack AT earthlink dot net

Angie Adair said...

Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for being in the blog hop! Just bneing with my hubby is enough for me.

Elie said...

Mine was my first date as a single girl, the first in 10 years. We had been chatting, texting, flirting, emailing for over a month and this was our first date. Actually the second time we actually saw eachother in person in almost 20 years. It was not a G rated date. Thanks for sure. He is still dazzeling me, almost a year later.

nancy said...

My husband made dinner for me, lobster, salad and chocolate fettuccine with raspberry sauce. It was all so good and I showed him my gratitude.

Juliana said...

I think the perfect night is just cuddling on the couch watching something we can enjoy together...

Ashley Applebee said...

My most romantic date was my first date with my fiance. We didn't really have any money, so we just drove up to a beautiful park and looked at the scenery then toured some local apple orchards. It was beautiful, peaceful and very, very romantic :)
Ashley A

June M. said...

My fantasy date night would be a cozy dinner with candlelight and soft music in a castle. Lots of finger foods to feed each other, and of course a sexy guy to do all this with. But really, I would just settle for the sexy guy, lol.
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Jennifer L. said...

A good meal, good company, and something sparkly works for me!

jslindzy @

SiNn said...

utimate date hmmmm well for me it would be a cozy spot on either a comfy couch or a blanket spread out with me and my hunny either snuggled up on the couch or on the blanket on teh floor watching a good movie with the fun edibles we like while we eat conversate watch the movie and just be us

ty for the chance


Loveless3173 said...

Hmm... well, I rather enjoy my single status and have nothing to compare or imagine for a fantasy V-day date. Though, I think my favorite fantasy date would be.. To simply have a whole day with this guy doing nothing more than enjoying each others company doing what we both like doing. Whether it's me watch him play video games or us watching a movie/t.v show/anime--whatever... I just want it to be a peaceful day full of laughs. NOTHING to bring it down or ruin it. Perhaps even traveling to many theme parks as we can... lol...


(thank you for the giveaway)

Katrina said...

Every time I'm with my boyfriend is romantic. He's a sweetie, even if he acts tough around the guys. :)
oneagainst at hotmail dot com

Emma Lausch said...

Most romantic date would be with mx first boyfriend for one of the long nights opening in the Botanical Garden.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

E_l37(at) gmx {dot} de

cheralyn said...

Dinner and a movie sounds good to me. Happy Valentine's Day! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

mimirose41209 said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

My most romantic date with
Thanks for participating in such a great hop!

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

mimirose41209 said...

so excited I forgot to finish my post !

My most romantic date was one of the first ones I had with my husband. We got all dressed up, went out to a fancy restaurant, had a great meal and then spent the night at a beautiful hotel ... sigh ... the memories.

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

Anzu said...

Most romantic date was with my school crush on a Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day ^_~


Donna said...

Most romantic date was flowers, candy and dinner with my husband. A great night!

Please enter me in your contest.


mbourn said...

I don't have just one night. Every night I lay down with my hsband, I get a kiss good night and know that I have the best life ever!

donnas said...

I have to say I really have not had one yet.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Ellie said...

Most romantic date was a surprise weekend holiday for two.

menina.iscrazy said...

The perfect fantasy date? Being taken somewhere to see something special. :)

menina.iscrazy @

Linda Henderson said...

My most romantic night was an evening out without the kids for a nice romantic dinner followed by a chick flick romantic movie. It was wonderful.

seriousreader at live dot com

Renald said...

Happy Valentine's Hop. Deb P

Erica Pike said...

Erm...will you believe this? I'm 34 and I've only ever dated two men. One was only for a month (nothing overly serious) and I ended up marrying the other. We just got divorced, but I suppose I could admit that he was always way more romantic than I ever was (yes, I'm a very unromantic romance writer!). Hmm... I'll tell you about the FIRST romantic thing he did. That was to call every girl in school who had a long name that started with an "S" and asked if they were me ^.^ He didn't catch my name when we met, but heard it was very long (it was a club with loud music). We were 16 at the time.

Hope you had a lovely V-day :)


eripike at gmail dot com

Pam S said...

Ah I dont have any romantic VDay stories unfortunately. It would be nice to be swept off my feet though :). I think a guy who can appreciate the smaller things in life and leave small notes/gifts just because from time to time.


pams00 @

lisagkendall said...

Most romantic night, my fantasy, hmmm... I would like to enjoy a nice dinner in a candlelight venue, with wine, and soft music, and a nice walk after, slow and easy in beautiful scenery and moonlight, with a slow drive somewhere along a coast in a convertible, and end the evening quietly with a gentle massage from my hubby and fade to closed door. Happy V-Day. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com