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Anne Holly presents V-Day

V-Day, an erotic romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day:

By Anne Holly

It all started with a serenade…

A family like Daniel’s and the solitary pursuit of musical excellence is enough to make a young man crazy. No wonder all Daniel Vouks dreams of is getting away. He knows his violin will take him places in life, but the only place he really wants to be is next door. He’s been in love with his neighbor since he was fourteen, but can he ever make her see him as more than just a lovesick kid?

V-Day is the story of a Valentine's Day weekend Daniel fears he may regret, but will never, ever forget.


 Bronwyn rested her temple against her propped up hand and contemplated him a moment. “How old are you, anyway?” she asked, a glint of humor dancing around the green and gold in her eyes.

“Almost twenty,” he answered, looking away. “Well, twenty in about ten months.”

“Oh man,” she groaned. “You just turned nineteen?” He nodded and she closed her eyes and shook her head. “Do you know how old I am?”

Daniel knew he could guess freely but decided against it. “I don’t know that your age makes any difference to me,” he answered honestly.

“Twenty-seven,” she supplied anyway. “I’ll be twenty-eight in May.”

“Wow, so we’re literally May and December.” He smiled.

“Yeah, but the other way around.”

“You know, I don’t get the problem about age,” he shrugged. “As long as both people are adults, what’s the big deal?” He realized in a moment of panic he was assuming too much, referring to them as if they were considering a relationship. But the way she looked at him during brunch made him think he wasn’t just falling prey to wishful thinking here. “Besides, women live longer than men anyway, so doesn’t it make sense that the man be a little younger when the relationship starts? Why not do the reverse of how people usually do it?”

“Craziness,” she murmured and shook her head, standing from the table.

“Who? Me?” he asked innocently.

Refusing to answer further, she asked if he wanted coffee instead.

Out of habit he almost said no but changed his mind. “Yes, actually,” he said, gratefully accepting the steaming cup from her, adding silently that today seemed like a good day for change.

Daniel insisted on doing the dishes and cleared the table while Bronwyn disappeared into another part of the house. Scrubbing at the maple syrup, he almost didn’t notice her return until she was right behind him. The pressure of her front against his back was subtle and he wanted to dismiss it as accidental since she was placing a fork he’d missed into the sink, but the feel of her breasts against him made his chest tight and instantly brought a response from his body.

He felt her stretch away to the counter but she made no effort to put distance between her belly and his buttocks, making him slowly realize that the pressure hadn’t been so accidental.

“Drink?” she asked, her voice now a bit husky as she held a flute of orange juice around his chest for him.

Though it looked like plain orange juice, the fluted glass and the naughty tone in her voice almost made him mention he was technically not old enough to drink alcohol legally. But not wanting to kill the mood made him think better of it as he took the sip Bronwyn offered. It was frothy and had the slight flavor of wine and he wondered if it was the bubbles that were suddenly making him feel light headed or something far more primitive.

Sitting the glass down, Bronwyn reached beyond him and turned off the faucet, her breasts overtly against his back which was now taut with attention to her every breath and movement. Unsure whether to turn around or not, and unwilling to risk breaking the spell they were weaving or letting her know he was already hard as a rock, Daniel stood stalk still, his chest rising and falling deeply as he listened to the intoxicating rustle of her clothing against his.

 “So,” she whispered against one of his shoulder blades, “what are your plans for today?”

Daniel managed only a weak croak that indicated nothing. Hell, at the moment, he could've been expected for a NASA launch that afternoon and he'd have sworn his calendar was free.

 “Coast is clear all weekend,” he joked, hoping he sounded debonair.

Hot and cold shivers skittered down his nervous system in waves when puffs of her hot breath kissed the downy curls at the back of his neck and an uncomfortably un-masculine weakness melted his knees. A humiliating little squeak escaped him from somewhere below his heart, deep in his belly.

“Oh God,” he breathed as she rubbed his length through his thick cords, praying for fortitude.

Finally, he could take no more as he spun into her arms where he found her in nothing but a robe of alluring dark teal made from yards of a floating, dreamy cloth he couldn’t name. Sending up a silent prayer of gratitude, Daniel allowed his instincts to take over and grasped her by the hips, pulling her into a somewhat clumsy but passionate kiss.

“I knew you’d taste this good,” he murmured absently against her lips, following her as she backed up toward the table without breaking the link of their mouths even as she hopped up on the surface and began to undo his fly with eager hands.

 “Are we…I mean, this is really going to…” Not yet fully believing his luck, Daniel’s brain fumbled as all of his usually articulate speech flew out of his brain. Unsure how to say what he knew he needed to ask, he ground out, “A rubber, I don’t have any.”

 “Were you born this practical?” Bronwyn asked as she whipped off his plain, black belt. “I’ve been on the pill since I was your age.” She pulled him down to her so she could playfully nip at his ear lope before whispering. “Have you been a dirty boy?”

 “Only by myself,” he promised, thanking his lucky stars. “I swear it.”

Bronwyn laughed a moment then suddenly pushed at his chest lightly. “Wait…You’re serious?”

Discomforted, Daniel couldn’t answer as he watched the realization about his virginity dawn on her face. He wanted to pour through the floor and never be seen again.

“Well…” she said, giving a mischievous little grin that seemed to drip with mysterious overtones of feminine power and satisfaction. “This is interesting,” she purred, licking the lobe where she'd just nipped. “We might need the whole weekend after all.” She nuzzled into his neck. “Seems I get to break you in,” she teased with a saucy laugh.

“Help yourself,” he offered magnanimously as they folded in on one another.

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RoyalCheryl said...

Sounds like a good book. Thank You for your giveaway. Happy Valentine's Day!

Anne Holly said...

Thanks for letting your readers know about V-Day. I appreciate it.

Happy Valentine's Day!