Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Again Anthology featuring MELISSA KEIR

Love Again Anthology is a Ruby Lioness Press publication.  The anthology will feature short stories by Melissa Keir, Sabrina Luna, Tamaria Soana, Autumn Jones Lake, Melissa Kendall, Ella Jade, and Lacey Wolfe.

Blurb: Forever Love is a story of a woman who comes back to her hometown, fifteen years after leaving it for the bright lights of Chicago. When Syndie Wilder returns to Amherst, Ohio, she comes back to take care of her ailing father and doesn't expect to run into the childhood friend who dumped her in high school.  Thom Johnson had regrets for how he treated Syndie but hasn't ever stopped loving her.  When fate causes the two to meet, sparks fly again.  But will a childhood friendship turn into a forever love?

 Unedited Excerpt:

                Approaching the beach, I saw the picnic area and park where families played.  This was the park that my grandparents took us to play on the beach at with its giant Easter basket, beautiful fountain, and lawn bowling court. Parking in an empty spot, I watched the children playing on the sand, near the water’s edge.  This park also held memories of teenage make-out sessions behind fogged up windows with nameless boys from my past.  Kissing was the most I’d do being a good girl and it cost me many a boyfriend.  We would all bring our cars here to listen loudly to music and dance in the streets.  It was a place to see everyone and be seen. It’s funny that a child’s playground could turn into a place for such behavior just as soon as the sun went down. Getting out of my car, I hiked down the stairs to the sandy beach.  Being a mild September day, the beach was fairly empty – just myself and a few seagulls.  Walking slowly along the water’s edge with my head down, I didn’t notice the person swimming in the water, until he began to climb out of the surf. 

                His dark, cropped haircut framed the face of a Roman god.  He had a strong nose and jawline with just a sprinkling of whisker stubble.  But it was his body that made me pause.  His shoulders and upper arms were muscular and looked like they could carry a girl off to bed.  His chest was covered with hair that immediately drew my eyes and tempted me to run my fingers through it.  The chest hair tapered down to his narrow waist and seemed to lead the way to paradise.  I stopped walking and just stared.  Gosh I hope that I am not drooling too!  This guy is smokin’ hot!  Then he smiled and I noticed his face.  Wow, a little dimple in his chin!  He seemed familiar but I wasn’t sure. 

“Hello.  Nice day for a walk. The weather has been kind to us this year.” He spoke and my knees wobbled. His voice was like chocolate, smooth and delicious. 

“Hi.  Yes.  I was glad that the weather was nice enough to get out.  But isn’t the water too cold for a swim?”

“Not at all.  I enjoy my morning work outs after a long shift at the station.  You don’t remember me do you, Syndie?”  My mind was drawing a blank.  How did he know my name?  Who was this hottie?

“Not really.  You look familiar.  But I can’t place you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s been a long time.  We grew up together, our parents were best friends, and even ‘went out’ in high school. I’m not surprised you don’t remember me, you hightailed it out of Amherst like your butt was on fire after graduation.  We never saw each other again.  I’m Thom Johnson, but everyone called me T.J.”

Oh wow, I had remembered him.  I was his girlfriend but he had dumped me for someone who put out.  I grew up with images of him in my head as the ideal guy.  Our families even encouraged our dating, thinking that we were perfect together.  When he dumped me, it broke my heart.  I couldn’t stand watching him move on without me.

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