Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Power of the Pen

 I normally wouldn't reach out for something like this except that my family has went through hell with the F5 tornado in Joplin MO. Please see if any of you could help this young woman with words of encouragement.
Her and her family were at her parents when the tornado hit. She had a piece of wood go through her body and it was a miracle that she survived. Her mom had to quit her job to care for her everyday while her husband works. She had a major head injury. Her mom makes her walk to the mailbox everyday for excercise. It is quit a feat for her everyday and takes her a long time to get there. She is terrified of falling! The other day, she finally made it out to the mailbox to find no mail. She broke down crying and frustrated and said, "All that hard work for nothing!" So I want to flood her mailbox with encouraging letters!! Her name is Ashlea Burkhart 3609 E. 13th St. Joplin, Mo 64801
I just think it would brighten her day and make her daily trips to the mailbox a little easier! I know I take my trips to the mailbox for granted, it's easy for me, but to her it's a long hard trip. Thanks so much and please fell free to pass this on to others. You can just mail her one or one a week, anything would be appreciated!! She has had quit a battle to get where she is and she has a long road ahead of her!
 Ashlea is married with 2 kids and in her 30's

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