Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP = Work In Progress

Let's see we have a couple of WIP right now and some still on the drawing board

Toni's Heart - with Mollie for her magic

Dylann's Long Road Home - still writing that one then Mollie can work her magic

Triple Heat Summer - that one is still on the drawing board I have the basic story written in my little brain but haven't put it on paper

Vet's Tech - that one is a long way from being ready to put anywhere near paper

Wynters Hope - well that will be worked on with a friend Dawnn

Autumn's Fall - not sure on this one it was progressing ok and then I hit the mental delete button on purpose

So I have others that I am working with but haven't gotten far enough to speak of so like fine wine they have to sit and ferment in my oak barrel brain.

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