Monday, December 3, 2012

Scene Revelation !!!

WOW, I was just sitting here looking at my works in progress (WIP) and discovered something...

I have to confess I have not written a shower scene, I think I need a smoking hot, steamy shower scene.  Something at along this:

As she stepped into the shower she felt the hot water slucing down her breasts, after such a long, stressful day she was really enjoying how relaxing it was making her.  As the water warmed her on the outside the thoughts of that huge cock belonging to her was making her just as hot and slick on the inside. She slowly slide her hand down her side and to the cleft of her legs, rubbing her curls with her fingertips she reminded herself that she needed to get them waxed.  That was a long time wish of hers that she kept chickening out of, as her finger tips brushed past the curls to find her folds plump and full with need and desire she move past them to play with her nub of need. It was all she could do to not moan his name, knowing that once she did there would be no denying the extent of her needs.  As she flicked her nub the need to be filled grew as she inserted one finger in her hot, wet channel feeling the spasms growing and rippling. Leaning back against the side of the shower she stroked her finger in and out but still needed more. Closing her eyes she visioned him with her moving her hands from her folds and replacing them with his own, pinching her nub and pulling it firmly sending shockwaves throughout her body. As he turned her to face the wall he spread her legs and ran his hands down the crack of her ass making her rosette pucker as he pressed against it, as she started panting with need...

Ok now that I have your attention I guess I need to finish it stay tuned to see what happens next, any ideas or suggestions?


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