Friday, August 17, 2012

First Date Disaster Blog Hop

Rebel Reasonings

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Let me get the setting right for you keep in mind this was the mid to late 80's when rock and roll was still big hair bands and rap was just becoming popular; Pepsi had already lit Michael Jackson's hair on fire and WHAM finally admitted George Michaels was gay.

I had a date with this really sweet guy from my school, this was unusual because I had a rule not to ever, ever date guys from my school. No particular reason maybe because when you break up you were still stuck seeing them everyday.  So Knox (not his real name) asked me out and I said yes after extreme encouragement from my friends (damn them). He said that he would pick me up at my house we could get some food and then go to the movies.  Thinking sure I can do this and be home by 10pm then go hang out at the chats with my friends.  Little did I know my friend ratted me out about my plans and Knox changed things up on me.

Knox had a nice truck, ran good, and he loved that truck all the way to the junk yard that night, see Knox decided that to keep my attention longer we would go to Springfield, MO (it was over an hour and half from our town) and eat dinner up there after a late movie. So when he walks up to the door to pick me up my mom meets him and smiles being polite.  I waved bye to mom and that is when the disasters started...

First he started driving the opposite direction of the theater in town and got on the highway, I asked where we were going that is when he dropped the first bomb.

"We are going to Springfield"  Knox stated so clearly proud of himself but for me it just pissed him off "See Wendy I heard from Lisa that you were planning on going to the chats later so I wanted more time to myself so I planned a trip to Springfield"

I clearly was not happy and voiced that the entire way there but nope that didn't deter him any. 

Finally arriving at the theather we saw the movie but as we left we discovered that the precious truck he loved so much had been stolen because he forgot to lock it.  Did I mention he also left the keys in the truck's ignition.

After calling the cops and our parents it was decided another set of our friends would come pick me up and his parents pick him up and finish the police report.   I guess we got back to Joplin around 1am without dinner by the way.

Approximately a month after that little trip he found out his truck was wrecked and ended up in a junk yard because some teenagers took it for a joyride.  Not to mention he actually had the nerve to insist that I go back out with him so he could take me to dinner....



Donna Steele said...

Terrible, but I feel bad about the truck too - LOL These have been so much fun!

Shadow said...

Happy anniversary!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! :) Wishing you many, many more years of success! Many blessings to you all! Wow! Ya all have had some disasters. What a date you had. Im sorry! What a dumb ass. I hope you told him were he could stick the dinner! :D Thanks for sharing!