Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Question #1 - My Thoughts

Well I have thought long and hard about this question before I posted it, so here goes my thoughts - 

First - if someone views sex as porn then I guess at some point in all of our lives we have not only seen porn but have participated in it.  Well at least anyone that is married and not a virgin anymore.

Second - erotic romance or adult romance isn't about the "sex" scenes it is just like every other book it is about the story, the characters being able to feel the love that two or more people have between them.  Being able to understand what it is like to love someone through words on paper or a screen. 

Third - if you take some of the erotic romance or adult romance writers I will make you a 100% take it to the bank promise that they are better than some of the horror, comedy or mystery writers.  What kind of book can make you laugh, cry, feel love and hot/steamy all at the same time?  Believe me when I say my husband has listened to me literally laugh out loud while reading some books and want to cry when reading others.  If you ask me that is a writer! 

So in a nutshell my thought is simple NO, I do not feel that erotic romance should be considered porn, sure it maybe fits in the dictionary definition but so does a lot of other words that are acceptable and used differently in the English language.  To me love isn't just about sex, marriage, and happily everafter it is about the road leading up to the commitment, the feelings between the people in the relationship (M/F, M/M, F/F, M/FM or any other combination there of) so the next time someone wants to point a finger and label someone else they need to look at the other three fingers pointing back at them. 

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